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Green Man 7a: Announce

From: Karen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Green Man 7a - Stupidly Happy, AFPHarvest Festival
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 06:08:54 +0000 (UTC)


Quick reminder that I will be using the UK Meets list for any last
minute arrangements or interim details but a final announcement will
come here in the usual way.

For details and how to subscribe see:


This is by way of the preliminary announcement pending further details
closer to time. Its likely to be sizeable meet so offers of crash space etc 
are very warmly welcomed at your earliest convenience...please...

If you would like to come but are rugrat constrained please also contact
me direct at the above address. Other queries to the same address.


Its not the first post Con meet but there will be at least one overseas 
visitor here who missed out on the event and will enjoy hearing the news, 
seeing the pictures, catching up on the Con cupid affected, admiring the 
t-shirts etc. so all that stuff will be welcomed along with the usual 
paraphernalia. This Anniversary year seems to have generated even more than 
usual afp couples *vom*, another wedding *vom*, another couple of 
engagements but mostly more meets, the Con, more reports, more pictures, 
more afpers gathering together and making friends and acquaintances, more...

So it will be all that and the usual exotic furriners, gossiping, catching 
up, and especially I hope entrap^welcoming a few meet newbugs too! If you 
were at the Con or are new to afpmeets and want to come along please do so, 
just drop in if you wish  - but please by all means mail me first if you 
want more info about the event, the venue, or whether the attendees really 
have 3 legs and glass eyes and a secret handshake.   I'll endeavour to 
answer any queries or wibbles you may have :}  For the record I don't have 
a glass eye. The secret handshake knocked it out...

Incidentally at least one or two people are coming along who missed out on 
the Con though RL circumstances have expressed an interest in having one of 
said t-shirts/Con merchandise - if there are more of you I can ask for one 
Vixen to bring along said merchandise, with her spangly leotard adorned 
lovely assistant,  Bursar Rood. I'm not sure what is still available but 
I'm confident they will let it be known :}

Let us also see if we can spawn a few more entries for the A-Files [1] for 
anyone who wants to be added - there are usually a few digital cameras 
floating around to capture willing victims.


Saturday October 12th  6:00pm onwards.


Exotic furrin guests, and hopefully as many as you as can possibly make


Should you bring? Chocolate, strange candy and fluffy toys, fluffy
people. But mostly yourselves...


Please let me know if you're coming, so that I can tot up numbers, I'll
also try to co-ordinate  crash space if required so please send
offers/requests to me as well. Especially offers.


The Venue is "The Green Man" pub, right opposite Great Portland St tube
station. We have the basement as usual.

Our tube correspondent on the spot with the up to the minute news, one Andy 
Davison, reports that currently there are a few 'improvements' [1] being 
carried out on London Underground which keep Great Portland tube closed at 
the weekend. It may be open again by Oct 12th in which case the following 
plagiarism of my instructions applies:

"You really can't miss it and if you do you simply need to ask a member
of the station staff "Can you please tell me where I can find The Green
Man?". At this point they will look at you as if you are their senile
grandmother, turn their head 90 degrees leftward, and point it out to
you. Anyone asking me how I know this will receive a Hard Stare.

Gt Portland St tube is on the Circle/Met/Hammersmith lines, short
distance by road or tube from Euston, Kings Cross, and Paddington and
Liverpool St are only a little further on. The only mainline which is
further is Waterloo.
Unfortunately moving mainline stations to more convenient locations in
London is beyond even my powers of persuasion :]"

But should it be closed its only a short walk from Baker St to Great 
Portland St - even I've done this a few times when tired and emotional and 
it is a straight line, but  Regents Park or Warren St are even easier and 
closer - there is a map even:


Search on 'Great Portland St' and you will get the best segment.

Any change to the Great Portland St Situation will be reported here and to 


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