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Fireworks Meet in Durham: Announce

From: "Jenny Radcliffe" <>
Subject: [F] [ANNOUNCE] Fireworks Meet in Durham, 2nd November
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 19:06:15 -0000
Message-ID: <app8u7$3f27p$>

Ladles and jellyspoons,

There having been no dissent, though admittedly a certain lack of consent
either, I plan to have a Fireworks Meet.

Pursuant to this I intend to Meet anyone who is inclined to turn up outside
the Italian La Spagetata[1][2] at, er, I can't think of a suitable time
because I can't remember what time the display is. For an early evening
meal, anyway.

Thence such people as have appeared will go to the Rugby Club on Green Lane,
a mere 15 minutes walk away, where we will watch some fireworks.

I expect after that we'll want to find a warm pub, but let's work that out
at the time.

Some crash space may be available; ask if you're interested.

Otherwise, I'll check the poster again tomorrow and do some calculations and
work out what time we need to meet. I just prefer to give lots of vague
warning as well as a shorter period of specific warning.

Hoping to see lots of people,

Jenny ;)

[1] There is no One Spelling for this restaurant. They spell it several
different ways themselves. Their cooking is far better than their spelling,
however, they don't bat an eyelid if a group of 15 turns up at no notice,
they appear to love kids, and they're cheap.

[2] In the middle of Durham. Ask for directions if you need them.

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