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From: "Matthew Pettitt" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] YorkMeet 15-17th November 2002
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 10:49:36 +0000 (UTC)


It was that time of year again: the days are drawing in <snip pages of Wind
in The Willows style prose>.

Friday 15th November to Sunday 17th November
Location: York, North Yorkshire, England
Why: Harry Potter 2: Chamber of Secrets is out, it's my birthday on the
Sunday (and possibly the birthday of another of the attendees too...), I
felt like it, people have been asking me "is there going to be a Yorkmeet
this year?"

Plans: films, Thud (if I can get a set from my local Border's by then, or
else borrow one of someone kind), roast pig/cow/chicken/turkey/squirrel[1]
sandwiches, baffling pizza places by ordering enough pizza to feed an army
to be delivered to a small house, IRC link from the main meet room, Border's
visit, any other suggestions will be gratefully accepted!

IMPORTANT: Because this is the opening weekend of the film, it will be very
busy. I need to know by 18th October if you want to come and see the Harry
Potter film so I can book. After that, I'll say which showing has been
booked for, but let you sort out your own ticket. The cinema does not do
seat numbers, so if you can get tickets, we can probably sit you near us. At
the moment, I can't get onto the Warner Village site to check times, but
we'll probably aim for either a 3/4pm showing on the Saturday, or a 1/2pm
showing on the Sunday, depending on what is available. Make your preferences
heard now.
Incidentally, I can't guarantee tickets: I don't know how busy it will be.
It worked last year...

If you want to come, email me: yorkmeet at bleurgh dot net ASAP. There is
very limited crash-space available, first come first served.

MP (all email addresses are valid and mine)

[1] OK, probably not squirrel
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