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Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] OxfrodMeet the Umptieth - November 30
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Date: Wed, 9 Oct 2002 20:03:03 +0000 (UTC)


Location: Turf Tavern (directions at the bottom of the mail)
Date: Saturday, November 30
Time: 6pm
Reason: Because there are at least five afpers in the regions of Oxfrod 
and I want a meet, dagnammit.

The Turf serves decent food at reasonable prices.  It also has a varied 
selection of what I'm told are good beers.  It definitely has good cider.  
It may even be serving mulled wine by then.

It's not an overwhelmingly child-friendly pub, in that it's rather small 
and cramped.  However, there is space to sit outside and in winter this is 
kept warm, so it wouldn't be any hardship to adjourn there for the benefit 
of sproglets who want to run around.

I can provide limited crash space, if people don't object to a) 
catching a train to said crash space b) sleeping on a wooden floor.  If 
anybody needs/can provide space, please drop me a line.

If you'd like to have my mobile number for navigational back-up, drop me a 
line.  In fact, if you're planning on coming, drop me a line so I can 
figure out if it would be worth warning the Turf.

Directions (stolen from Stewart Tolhurst)

There are two routes to the Turf depending on how well you know Oxford
or if you have a tourist map :)

Assuming travel from either bus station or rail station.  From the
rail station turn left towards town and you will see a big junction. 
You want to take the the fork on the left (called Hyth Bridge Street) 
this road will take you past the Blackwells HQ, a futon shop and
Jongleurs.  Keep walking till you to get to a crossroad (of sorts). 
You want to go straight accross (to the LHS of a Chinese Restaurant
called The Opium Den).  This road is called George Street (the bus
station is on you left - people travelling by bus join the directions
here) walk straight down.  Go accross the next cross road (past
Waterstones, which used to be Dillions for people who've been to
Oxford before) onto Broad Street.  Keep walking straight down (past
the White Horse - a morse pub - on your left) until you come to
aonther crossroad with a set of traffic lights.  There will be a pub
called The Kings Arms on the opposite side of the road on the left and
the Sheldonian Theatre (big round building) on your right on the side
of the road you should be on.

Route 1: Go straight accross into Hollywell Street.  The back entrance
to the Turf is on your right opposite the Hollywell Music room.  It is
pretty well signposted.

Route 2:  Turn right at this cross road (along the side of the
entrance to the Bodlean Library) then take the next left (you should
see the Bridge of Sighs).  Go under the bride and you will see an
allyway on you left - this is the front entrance to the Turf!!

Basically if you get lost ask a tourist where The Bridge of Sighs or
the Hollywell Music Room is (or indeed New College!)

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"All I ever wanted to be was Ben Elton." - Tim Minear
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