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TweedMeet 1.0: Announce

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From: Mark Datko <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] TweedMeet 1.0 : Berwick upon Tweed : October 22,23.24 2004 first announce
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 06:18:18 +0100


[Submission heavily reformatted. Please take care with the format when
announcing things, thanks. --tap]

TweedMeet 1.0 : Berwick upon Tweed : October 22,23.24 2004
(Marking at least two afper birthdays)

As some Pratchett fans are planing to gather in the historic border town
of Berwick upon Tweed during the weekend including October 23 to celebrate
a particular fans birthday.

I thought I'd open the invitation out to all and officially announce
TweedMeet 1.0.

The fan in question is Tessa, who many of you, I'm sure will remember,
was solely responsible for the scrumptious chocolate hedgehog cake and
smaller hedgehogs at the Hedgehog party at the August convention.
Tessa has also helped to make many a YorkMeet a success in the past.

Afp-meet type activities will no doubt transpire all weekend in this
delightful historic location, including the usual tourist sites, fine food,
drink and cordial atmosphere.

Whilst exact plans are still tentative the meet proper will commence
at 12:30 at the railway station Berwick-upon-Tweed, England on
October 23, 2004.

Details of the wide range of accommodation in the area to suit all tastes
and pockets, in particular the backpackers hostel close to the
aforementioned station may be found by following the links at

Offers of any crash space in the area though, would of course be gratefully

For further details and reports as plans progress, please e-mail me.

Mark Datko (hippo)

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