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Author: Karen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] UK Meets - At last the list ...
Posted on: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 07:36:24 +0000 (UTC)
Posted to:,,alt.books.pratchett

Its near on ten years for afp and for some reason which escaped me
entirely no one had ever gotten around to setting up a proper UK Meets

Why I asked?

Answers ranged from the odd shuffling foot, to 'er dunno', to 'isn't
there one?', to 'might be useful', to 'yeah definitely its the greatest
idea that anyone ever came up with'.

Yeah OK I confess, I paid the last one.


It has struck me each time I have compiled a cc list for Green Man meets
that it really would make more sense to have a proper mail list so that
I don't miss people, and they don't miss out on the news because I have
the wrong email for them. And that if it were a proper mail list it
could be used by other people too.


With a little bit of help from the Cabal who kindly agreed with me
rather than risk on going earache, and a quick pirouette on the root
password from the lovely Hamster we are pleased to announce:


is now open for business.



for subscription details.

So if you are planning a meet on a small or large scale, long term or
after a quick chat with a couple of others this will be a place to send
additional information, get some feedback on arrangements etc on top of
the regular announcements to afp.

Happy afp-anniversary to all  past present and future UK Meeters, see
you on the list!


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