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Atlanta: Report

From: (James Brokaw)
Subject: *F* Atlanta Meet Results
Date: 11 Feb 1996 07:02:56 GMT
Message-ID: <4fk4b0$>

Photographs were taken, .gifs will come.

Attendees:  Jay Finch, Myself, Greg Howard, Brian ????.
Late:       Pete ?????

We met a some pizze place, and er, ate pizza.  Pete showed up after we 
ordered[1].  After extensive eating,[2] we went to a yuppie mall.  Pete 
didn't make it from A to B and was last seen driving from G to R.

Malts and shakes all round at the mall while we sat and discussed MUDs 
and stuff until 11:00, when we watched Broken Arrow, front row seats.  In 
a million to one chance the entire second row was rented by friends of Jay's.

Returned home around 1:30AM.  Be prepared for the Official Atlanta Meet 
Web Site, sooner or later.  (Gotta develop film!)


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[1]  Memories of TGIF.
[2]  Must have taken 1 1/2 hours or so! :)

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