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From: Rob Vines <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Madison afpmeet 1.0
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 16:52:01 GMT


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This message goes out to all 'merkin afp readers in the upper-midwest area.

Madison's first-ever afpmeet will be held Tuesday, October 1, after Terry's
signing engagement at the Barnes and Noble bookstore.  Noted attendees
will include the lovely and charming Joann Dominik (see the DWCon pictures 
on L-space for confirmation), and--by special engagement--the multi-
talented Rocky Frisco.  Also some guy in a hat who'll be signing books
or something.

The plan: we'll gather before the signing at the in-store coffee shop, then 
head over to get stuff signed and chat with Terry.  Afterwards, we'll
set out for some serious socializing--the exact location is yet to be
determined, as the above-mentioned luminaries and I have never actually
_been_ to Madison before!  Rest assured that sites appropriate for non-
quaffing will be favored.  No guarantees as to what will happen from there,
although I'm sure pictures will be taken, duels will be fought, entendres 
will be doubled, and proposals will be...proposed.

If this sounds vaguely appealing to anybody out there, feel free to show
up at the Barnes & Noble on Mineral Point Road a bit before 7:00.  Look
for a distinguished-looking grey-haired man wearing a Unseen University 
scarf--that'd be Rocky, and the rest of us will be nearby.  Optionally,
walk up to likely-looking people and say "Ook?" to them.  The group that 
responds with "Ook!" will probably be us.  :-)

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Rob Vines                                    
"It takes love over gold
 And mind over matter
 To do what you do that you must."  -- Dire Straits

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