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Wellington: Report

From: (Joy Green)
Subject: *F* NZ Meet report
Date: 6 Feb 1997 21:39:44 GMT
Message-ID: <5ddj30$4a5$>

After a grey and drizzly start to the day the evening turned out fine and 
warm for the 1st (2nd?) NZ apfmeet at Queens Wharf in Wellington. 
Participants came from as far afield as Palmerston North and, well, 

Present were: John Fouhy, Andrew Ruthven, Tracy Wilkinson, another Andrew 
whose surname I didn't catch, Nicholas Green and yhn.

Everyone found everyone else with surprisingly little difficulty and 
after an initial embarassed pause conversation flourished.  Topics 
covered included elephant jokes, religeous jokes, racist jokes, work, 
university, school, Pratchett and computers.  

Questions asked included: don't you just hate those sf books where all 
the heroines are beuatiful? Where can one buy a decent indian meal in NZ? 
and is it worth spending $45 each on the hardbacks of Hogfather and Feet 
of Clay, when I have a mortgatge to pay? 

A document on the treaty of Waitangi was perused and the instructions on 
what to do  to ensure it is honoured discussed - should one write 'This 
is Racist' in engineering text books from the library?

Food and chocolate products (afpropriately Terry's Chocolate Orange) were 
consumed by all and alcohol in moderation consumed by those old enough to 
do so (who didn't have to drive home).

It was decided _not_ to set fire to the bill and sing 'Happy Birthday' as 
we couldn't guarantee getting free drinks out of it. John however 
provided yhn with a gift in the form of chocolate wrapped around truffle 
and biscuit pieces (very nice indeed - thanks John). 

The assembly broke up decently early in order for yhn and spouse to 
return to the wilds of PN, dropping John and Andrew on the way.

Quotes of the evening:

'My uncle used to live in Palmerston North but he moved to raise pigs in 

'There's a good Indian Restuarant in Paraparam, they do brilliant spring 

All in all a very convivial evening and more will be planned.


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