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From: (Lady Kayla)
Subject: *F* Perth  0.1 (Mort)
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 15:13:57 GMT
Message-ID: <5epmp1$>

Well now, that was fun :)   I'm sure someone will write (I hope) a
more detailed version of events fairly soon, but here's a brief

Myself and Steve-d arrived at Lakers at around 6.30pm and grabbed a
table and a couple of drinks, after a while Meg, her family and Cara
arrived [1].  Then Ruth and two people whose names I didn't catch
[2]joined us, after having wandered past once or twice, and then
stopping to ask if we were afpers. Owen arrived at about the same
time.  Time for one round of drinks, then it was time to walk across
to the theatre for the performance.  Where we were joined by David
Geelan and his wife, Sue.  Iain Riley also wandered up and asked if we
were afp.  As if it wasn't obvious :)

I can't speak for everybody, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I'd never
seen a discworld adaptation before, so didn't know what to expect.  I
was very impressed with the whole performance, especially the 'flying
Binky' sequences :)  The only thing I'd quibble about was the
portrayal of the wizards at UU, although the Rincewind was quite

After the performance a few of us returned to Lakers, noisier than
ever as the band (for want of a better word) had started.  We sat
outside and discussed many things.  The play, the Discworld (what
else?), TV, Movies, kids and I'm sure many other things, but I wasn't
in a fit state to remember much [3].  

The actual meet Perth 1.0 (the post-mortem) [4] is on another post.

Lady Kayla

[1] They are what you might call _really_ distant lurkers, they hear
about AFP, but haven't got access yet.
[2] Unfortunately the pub was fairly noisy
[3] No, not drunk, still recovering from gastro, so I felt rather ill
[4] Sorry, really bad I know.
Lady Kayla

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