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From: (The Magpie)
Subject: [F] AFPMeet in Perth
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 02:34:02 GMT
Message-ID: <>

A big hi there to all the AFPers who happen to be residing in or
passing through the city of Perth in sunny Western Australia.  If you
have nothing else planned for Saturday, August 2, why not drop in to
an impromptu AFPMeet that's being organised.

Basically, it's going to be a video night, with the planned viewing
being a choice from:
The Princess Bride
The Muppet Movie
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
X-Files Volume 1 (the unanswered file)
And anything else that anyone else brings along on the night.

It's being held at my house (yes, I know, I'm nuts!) and the address
is  92 Partridge Way Thornlie.  If you are interested in coming along,
feel free.  If you get lost on the way, or you want to know anything
else about the whole business, please phone any of the following...

	(08) 9451 2314 (me) 
	(08) 9451 2071 (me - again)
	(08) 9490 2001 (Peta, the other madwoman who's organising

There will be some other people there who aren't necessarily AFPers,
but are of the right frame of mind, and a couple (eg Peta) who are
what I call 2nd degree lurkers (that is, they don't have a net
connection, but their friends tell them all about it!).  So, please,
pop in, and have a great time!  

Oh, starting time is 6pm, and it's BYO alcohol, nibbles, and SOH!



The Magpie
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