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From: Meg Thornton <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] AFPerth 4.0
Date: 14 Aug 1997 18:22:15 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Pool Anyone?  How about just knocking some balls around with a big stick?

Yes, it's time for AFPerth 4.0.  Your host(ess) for this event is Pete, who
*isn't* on the net yet, so I'm writing for her.


The Date:  Saturday September 6 1997
The Place: Meet initially either at 141 Eudoria Street Gosnells (approx 6pm) 
           Pot Black Cannington (Mallard Street) approx 7.30pm

The Plan: After meeting at 141 Eudoria Street, and chatting for a bit, car
pooling will be organised, and we shall proceed to Pot Black Cannington.
There we shall meet with anyone who we haven't met at the previous venue,
and verily shall we proceed to book some tables and play some games of pool.
[For those who haven't met our Hostess before, she's 5 feet tall, and quite
often giggly]. Pete gets to choose the tables, because although the idea of
having her on a snooker table appeals to some, the staff tend to object (you
can't get the stains out, you know!).

After playing with big sticks and balls, we shall adjourn to Pete's place
(address mentioned already) for chat, nibblies and whatever... lots of
whatever. Crash space is available, but please get in early to book.

1)     $5.00 to cover costs of table hire, ball hire (so that the blokes
don't spend the evening wincing) etc.  Leftover moneys will be turned into
an AFPKitty to fund further such events.
2)     Doonas, pillows, bed stuff... whatever that may include.... left up
to your discretion.  No, you may not borrow, as I don't have any.  To spare.
3)     Alcohol (if required)
4)     Sugar (as above).  Please note that this includes chocolate, cola,
and other such caffienated substances.  Anyone bringing cake shall be much
5)     Nibblies, drinks, videos, whatever you want for whatever you plan to
do back at Pete's.

Hope to see you there.

Pete (love, hugs, whatever!)


Please note that as Pete is *not* on the net, all replies should be directed
to  This also applies if you wish to become part of
the AFPerth mailing list [which is supposed to be about the next Perth meet,
but usually fills up with comments about roundabouts, Merkins, and bread
related products - hang on a mo! this all sounds familiar...]


- -- 

The Magpie (carolling joyfully)

"No wonder all the lady cats howl at night" - 
Terry Pratchett, "Witches Abroad".

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