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Seattle 2.0: Report

From: (G.L. Wilson)
Subject: [F] Seattle 2.0 Meeting Report
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 04:45:27 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Saturday, September 13th, 1997, 6 p.m. to approx. 1:30 a.m., various
locations along Broadway in Seattle, then adjourning to Kirkland.

	Gillie Houck
	Gordon Steemson
	Joann Dominik
	glinda (now taking the role of humble narrator)

Um... let's see.  Gillie and I held a pre-meet as well, involving first
food, and then prowling through a second-hand bookstore.  We next went 
to pick up Gordon from the bus drop-off point, and proceeded to Cafe
Minnie's, in hopes that someone else would show up as well.  No one did 
- their loss! 

Much food and some drink were consumed.  (I'd forgotten just how large 
the portions are - some of the leftovers from the antipasto plate were 
sent with Gordon for travel munchies, and Janette and I couldn't finish
the rest for lunch.)  We eventually left the cafe and wandered along
Broadway to the Arcade (lots of interesting shops, including one
warehouse/remainders bookstore), and then went to Twice-Sold Tales, 
where we gawked at all the stuff along the walls/ceilings[1], were 
amazed at some of the wall signs[3], petted the cats, and acquired 
many books.  I've still not forgiven Gillie for spotting the SFBC copy
of TCOM before I did.  

Next stop, The Dilettante, where they really know what chocolate is all
about.  Gillie's Rigo Janczi was pronounced superb, and the Mocha Silk
that I ordered negated my attempts to be sensible by ordering a decaf
cappucino.  Gordon's reaction on sampling the Mocha Silk:  A very wide-
eyed expression, followed by the comment:  "Houston, we have ignition!"  

Then back to my place, where the Kidby and Kirby Pratchett Portfolios 
were exclaimed over, as was the Discworld Mapp.  (Oh, I also flaunted 
my Clarecraft ring *blush*.)  Eventually, we all retired, books in hand...
to awaken in time to first get Gillie back to the train station, and then
take Gordon, who claimed to have stayed awake until 5 a.m. reading
_Hogfather_, to catch his bus.  (After which I spent the day driving
around eastern Washington getting more peaches, apples, tomatoes, and
hot peppers for various canning projects.)

At various times during the evening, we discussed:

	migraines (very relevant, as 2 of us had them at the time)
	whether to drive or fly to the Calgary meeting next month
	whether or not crackers count as bread products
	the correct pronunciation of "ppint."
	my CCDE pictures
	the Discworld Chronicle No. 1 
		(me to Gillie and Gordon:  "Sign up as supporting members, 
		then if you _do_ get a windfall and are able to afford it, 
		you can convert to an attending membership!")
	the other afpmeets held that day
	beer (very briefly and disparagingly)
	...and probably other things that have left my sievish mind... [4]

Quotefile:  [4]

	Gordon:  "Oh.  Bread products.  Good."

	Gillie:  "Do you mean I have to? I'm a _lurker_."

	Gordon:  "Why bother with a quote section?  I always get them wrong."
	Gillie:  "You could have a misquote section, then."

	Joann:  "They're all impostors.  I'm changing my name to Emmet."

	Joann:  "Then you'll always remember this.  They say you never forget
		 your first time."

	Gordon:  "I was trying to work out how a milkshake could be X-rated."

	Gillie:  "We were all very intelligent, we were just _stupid_."

	(name omitted to protect the guilty):  "There's a chapter titled 
		'Zen and the Art of Diaphragm Insertion."

	Gillie:  "Oh God, I've corrupted you both."

Seattle 3.0 will probably be held in January, hopefully with more


[1] from chain mail to pterodactyls to a full-size traffic light in 
    the window, operating in synch with the light on the nearest 
    corner, to two spiral staircases for the cats...[2]
[2] Every time I go in there I notice things that I've not seen 
    before - there's so _much_.
[3] Such as:  "Put the sex and smut back where you found it.  This 
    means YOU."
[4] corrections and additions, anyone?  Please?

"Enough about me; let's talk about my book." --Emmet, 8/97
"Relax and be worshipped." --someone else, that same month

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