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TorontoCon 5: Report

From: (The Fat Aardvark)
Subject: [F] Report on TorontoCon 5 (The Search for TorontoCon 2)
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 13:14:27 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi there,
Well, it seems that I have drawn the dubious honour of filling this
report, so... here goes

We decided to have the Tallest Free Standing afpMeet in the World ever
(Version 1.0)

SO where else? The 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower.

Due to the lack of afpersons in Canada at the moment, (Janice having
moved to the UK) IT was only attended by 3 people. (Was to be 4, but
he was sick) So, in the end, Michelena, Sarah and myself attended.

One of the first things noticed was that Sarah could see her house
from up there, then Michelena followed that up with that she could see
her house as well, As could I (Well, OK so I couldn't, but I felt left

(Other places unable to be seen include, Holland, France, Sweden and
many, many others)

Then Sarah stated "On a clear day, you can see Buffalo"
(A town in the USA)

I replied "My, that must be a big herd"

and Michelena did a real big double take, which made Sarah and Myself
laugh for a very long time.

(This is a rrrreally old joke for the CN tower, and we were surprised
that Michelena fell for it)

After an excellent meal, (Expensive, but worth it - make sure you book
in advance - this has been a commercial for the CN Tower) the three of
us moved onto the viewing deck, and walked over the glass floor, which
I jumped up and down on. Howver every one else moved away (I am really
heavy (OK Fat)) when I did this.

When we returned to earth, Sarah wondered aloud if anyone had ever
said "Some one is looking up my skirt" whilst on the glass floor, so I
went to have a look :)

A rather boring report, but it was fun.

NEXT WEEK in Toronto, TorontoCon 6, details sooon to a news server
near you.

The next report will be better (I assure you!!) as it will NOT be
writtern by my good self.

   "Smile and remember, if the sky falls, 
                      have clouds for breafast!"
                               patrick(But he nicked it from somebody)

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