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Calgary 1.0: Report

Subject: Calgary 1.0 Report
From: (J & R Hookey)
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 22:48:16 -0600
Message-ID: <>

RL attendees: Glinda, Gordon and Ookey (+ Ookling)

On the way:
Glinda arrives late Fri. night at Gordon's house after having traveled
140 miles.

We left Saturday morning at 8:30 AM, spent 12 1/2 hrs (975 km) on the
road (see quotefile below); Glinda was astonished at the distances we
went without signs of humans beyond the road. Arrived Calgary 10:30
local time, bearing gifts of Whidbey's, Emmet-in-a-bottle, and
potentially lethal doses of chocolate. (The pizzas and chocolate cream
cake were calling us.) 

After arrival:
We've decided that the calculation for determining whether a meet has
reached quorum should be (days) * (number of AFPttendees), and counting
Duncan as a half (he counts because he's afpfianced to Loriba and he's
already been to one meet), that means we had a grand total of 7
attendees (plus Howard Callaway on chat).

Basically we didn't do much, but we had great fun doing it!


(Bumper sticker, somewhere beyond Chilliwack):

                      JESUS IS COMING!
                      L O O K  B U S Y

(On the Coquihalla, past Merritt):   "AARGH! Stupid! We went through
Hope and didn't make any 'Beyond Hope' jokes!"

Attributions omitted to protect the guilty:

(In a mall in Salmon Arm):  "They look _respectable_ - and they don't
seem to mind!"

(Passing Dead Mans Flats):  "That's the restaurant where I did my

(While eating pizza, after arriving in Calgary):
    "          " (Damn! We forgot!)

(In the morning):  "DUNCAN! Get off my sandwich!"

(During Sunday):
    "You can't make me sniff and not drink!"

    "Dammit! I can't get my tongue down this!"
    "...making plumbing noises as it goes down my throat..."
    "Contrary to popular belief, I'm only doing this for medicinal

    "EUGH! Drooling on your head, that's disgusting!"

    "I think I should have eaten beans this morning -- he's pulling on
        my finger."

    Duncan's full names: Duncan Disorderly, Duncan Bum, etc., etc....

    "I'm willing to sacrifice logical consistency for the sake of
    "Why do you think we've got three hands here?"
    Referring to the Perth AFPMeet quote 'Bring on the quilt':  
        "I'm still annoyed you two wouldn't go for that."
    " of obscenely shaped chocolates..."
    "Let's smack Gordon."  "See, you didn't even need to."
    "I didn't know you could keep pet peeves." 
        (WARNING: Thread crossover alert!)

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