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From: (Meg, The Magpie)
Subject: [F] Meet Report AFPerth 7a.0
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 03:24:12 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Date/Time: Saturday 29th August 1998, 6.30pm onwards

Location: The Moon & Sixpence pub, Murray Street Perth.

In attendance: YHN (Meg the Magpie)
	       Mike (my brother)
	       Peta-Marie (my sister-in-law)
	       Beth (my 3 yr old niece)
	       Warwick (Paul Kennedy)
	       Jo (Johanna Kennedy)

I arrived early (as per usual) and staked out a table in front of the
fire.  Next to arrive were Mike, Peta and Beth (who came along because
Mike and Peta couldn't get a babysitter).  Ook the toy orang-utan was
much admired, especially by Beth, drinks and chips were ordered, and
family business was discussed.

Warwick & Jo arrived a tad late, having phoned earlier to offer their
apologies for this, due to having been on a wineries tour.  [Note for
the unwary: One of the Perth wineries offers a river cruise with wine
tastings.  Wine is served on this cruise.  Generally the cruise starts
at around 8.30 - 9am.  The serving of wine starts soon afterwards.]
Their arrival provided us with quorum, and the meet proper began.

Things Discussed/Done etc:
 - The Aussies try to explain bogans/westies etc to the Poms.
 - The origins of caber tossing
 - Whether deep fried pieces of potato flesh are chips or fries
(they're CHIPS!)
 - The almost obligatory (well, when there's a 3 yr old present
anyway) "making loud slurping noises" competition
 - Beth "cuted" at all and sundry
 - Warwick showed us all why geeks are such wonderful people to have
around when kids are present, proceeding to entertain Beth with one
gadget after another... was that Tadjikistan she was dialling?
 - Photos were taken (by Warwick), generally of Beth.  You now all get
to find out why I keep saying she's completely adorable <grin> </fond

The Quotes:

Peta: So, what do you do?
Jo: I'm a research scientist for the Government
Peta: (silence)

Peta: I'm not really that interesting a person 
Me: (astounded look)
Peta: on paper...

Beth: I love you.
Mike: I love you too.  What do you want?

Warwick: Don't press that!

Peta: It's not something you have to press to make it work.

The meet proper dissolved around 10pm, with Mike and Peta taking Beth
off home to bed, and Jo heading back to the hotel to catch some
shuteye.  Warwick and I remained at the pub until about 12.30am, at
which point the Ipswich meet was contacted via phone (is there an
AFPhistorian in the house?  I'd like to know if this is the first
inter-continental meet link-up) and various people got to put voices
and accents to faces (ie I got to speak to a lot of people with
British accents and they got to speak to one person with an Aussie
accent <grin>).

After this point, AFPerth 7a.0 was formally at an end.

Meg the Magpie (who's posting this after spending most of the day

Pride goeth before a bit of a stuff-up, and a 
filthy hangover usually quick smart after that.

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