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From: Gillian Houck <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Berkeley Meet 2.0:  With Added Kiwi! (17 Oct)
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 18:41:36 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Berkeley Meet 2.0:  With Added Kiwi!

In honor of the visit of Ridcully of the Death Lists to these shores,
we've decided to descend upon Berkeley again.

On the afternoon of October 17th, at 4pm, we propose to meet at the
Peet's Coffee shop on Solano Avenue (in the 1800 block, on the north
side).  We will be at least four, VeloraCat, hobbes, Ridcully and
myself.  The Red Salamander, Zaruga, will try to attend.  We will have a
pile of Pratchett books on the table, and possibly two AST laptop

After we've collected all the participants we think we'll get, we shall
proceed to, in uncertain order, some of the following:  Pegasus
bookstore, Just Desserts, Cactus Tacqueria, and if we stay out late
enough, the Kensington Circus Pub.

Everyone is welcome, I'd love RSVPs so I could contact everyone in case
of changes.  Email me for directions.

I'm afraid I can't offer crash space, and since I'll probably be driving
a pickup, I can't offer transport either.


- -- 
Gillian Houck - -
   "They can make me do it but they can't make me do it with dignity."
        - Calvin

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