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Berkeley 2.0: Report

From: (the little black kitty)
Subject: [F] Berkeley 2.0 with added Kiwi meet report
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 05:36:09 GMT
Message-ID: <>

The second Berkeley meet has been successfully completed.  The
attendees were mostly the usual suspects and were 5 in total.
(Quarum was obtained!)  They were:

Anthony Wallace (TRSZ)
Gillian Houck
Julie H. (Hobbes)
Stephen L. (Ridcully) <---- the added kiwi
Valerie Norton (Velora)

The topics of conversation were many, the quotes wonderfully left to
the participants to remember and chuckle about.  They were not
recorded for the audiance.  Being mostly Californians, we had to be
differently, so had no cellular phones, no palmtops, and didn't even
get out the laptops which wouldn't have remained powered long enough
to record such things as quotes.  Such simple pieces of technology
as the ball point pin was also unavailable.

The meet was planned to start at 4 pm at Peet's Coffee and Tea.
Gillian picked me up from my crash space with Ridcully in the car
and we made our way to the coffee house where Hobbes was immediately
recognised.  Having four, the meet officially started sometime
shortly before 4 pm.  We knew TRSZ would be along as well, so waited
and ordered and found him coming throungh the door only slightly

Once coffee was snagged, we went all the way to Just Desserts (next
door) and got some cake and ice cream and talked about all those
things I'm not going to say what are and a few gems of quotes were
spoken.  TRSZ showed he could stop a conversation dead in it's
tracks and Ridcully showed he could get one going.  (And you said he
didn't talk!)  Some wonderful buttons were handed out and everyone
wore theirs with pride for the rest of the day and into the next
(thanks Rid).

Having not quite gotten our litterary fix, we browsed the book shops
noting that Dave Barry still has the same books out, M!M is in
paperback over here now, and Sex Tips For Girls can still be found.
A few books were even purchased, but most that were noticed and
singled out for comment had to remain at least one more day on the
shelf.  It's sad, but we couldn't give homes to all of them.  The
Pollitically Corect Fairy Tails were making cute eyes at us too.

By that time it was time to eat, or at least a few thought so.  So
some ate and some didn't on the grounds that they were not allowed.
(You'll have to ask them. :))

After eating, we headed off to a park to set up the *secret suprise*
for Ridcully.  He wasn't allowed to watch us set it up, and when he
turned around he wasn't very appreciative of the jelly wrestling
nuns we found for him.  It was even lime jello, but all he could do
was wonder about our sanity!  Okay, he did some great expressions
with his eyebrows too.

>From there we headed off to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead,
which was playing over at the University.  Gillian wasn't up to
watching it, but the rest had a great time.  Arrival was... well, we
caught the curtain going up, so we weren't late.  Not far from it,
but not late.  I wouldn't want to ponder about the unfortunateness
that being late would entail.

Chatting about how great the play was, those that hadn't been
allowed decided they should find something that they were allowed,
and TRSZ's car was piled into.  Whereupon it didn't start, and
continued not to start, and "how to start your car" was looked up in
the owner's manual, and actual owners (parents) were called.
Eventually it was found that all we needed to do was push the car a
little bit up the hill.  Um, right.  Okay, so it worked and the car
wasn't that heavy considering the slant of the hill.

Pizza was obtained and devoured.  An interesting little pesto piece
with chicken and pine nuts.  I think it is highly recommended, but
the cat (myself) is a vegetarian and didn't actually eat the whole
combination.  Further unrepeated topics and quotes happened and we
finished off the night with movies and an odd game of pool and even
a little sleep before the sun came up.

And no, nothing happened under the woolie blanket.

The little black kitty,
saying, "Be excellent to one another."

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