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From: (Meg, the Magpie)
Subject: [F] AFPerth GKW[1] - Wyrd Sisters - Meet Report and Play Review
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 03:15:48 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Place: Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, 
       Murdoch Road, Thornlie (plus the "Lakers" Tavern pre and post).
Time: about 7.30pm onwards.

Present: Meg the Magpie (YHN)
	 Paul (Andinach)
	 Sally (and son)
	 Ook the Orangutan

The Meet:

The meet proper started within moments of my getting inside the box
office of the Don Russell centre to pick up the tickets, when Owen and
Tess arrived.  The tickets were collected, and the party adjourned to
the pub, along with Ook and Bill.  At the pub, we encountered Ken,
shortly followed by Paul.  Cara and Iain were next to arrive, then
Shiv.  Sally and her son also dropped by briefly.  Last to arrive was
Fe.  Money and tickets were exchanged, and introductions made.
Conversation ensued and some quotes were quoted (see list below).
Then the entire party adjourned unto the theatre for the performance.


The BlakYak players did Pterry and CMOT Briggs proud yet again.  This
is the third BlakYak performance of a Discworld play, and it's lived
up to their previous high standard.  Casting was superb (especially
Nanny Ogg and Magrat) and the performances were outstanding.

Magrat and The Fool were a very convincing couple, and Granny
Weatherwax couldn't be having with that in a very satisfactory manner,
but Nanny Ogg stole any scene she was in, as well as the entire show.
It was a brilliant piece of casting, and I'm sure the books will never
be the same for me again.  Add in the wonderful performance by the
rest of an outstanding cast, and you had a show not to be missed.  The
cast were faithful to the Briggs adaptation, but they had a lot of fun
with it too, and it showed.  I know I'm definitely going to miss the
BlakYak performances when I move to Canberra - any thoughts about
touring, folks?

Favourite moments from the performance:
* Any scene with Nanny Ogg in it
* The "boom stick"... (You had to be there)
* Duke Felmet flashing his codpiece for about half of one scene...
* Nanny singing "The Hedgehog Song" (well, it had to happen)
* Death tap-dancing.
* Duke Felmet channelling Jack Nicholson (last night impros are fun!)

The quote of the play:
"I cut my teeth on balls" - the Fool.


Two things to note here - firstly, the bell to signal that the second
half is about to begin can't be heard inside the auditorium, making it
look to those who remained in there for the interval as though some
kind of mass telepathy was occurring when people started moving in.
Secondly - if you are the quiet and retiring type, you really
shouldn't grab a toy orang-utan and wave it in the air when someone
asks if there's anyone who wishes to draw the raffle... should you


After the play was over, almost everyone (less Owen and Tess, who left
during the first act; Sally and her son, who had to go home straight
away; and Shiv, who went to contact a friend) adjourned briefly to the
pub, for a bit of a "farewell" drink, since it was the last time I was
likely to see these people.  This was very brief, due to two factors -
one of them being the weather (rather cold for November, well,
November in Perth anyway), and the other being the fact that shortly
after we'd sat down, the singers in the pub started to do horrible
things to music.  (Bring on Nanny Ogg and the Hedgehog Song!
Please!!!)  Also, a lot of people were tired, and had things to do the
next day.  So, it was decided to break up the party, and hugs were
exchanged, along with promises to keep in contact via email. 

Conversations and Quotes:

People knowing people
Goth clubs in Perth
	"Goths with dandruff" - Shiv
	"I've seen it - they're outcasts" - Owen

"That's something you shouldn't do at a BlakYak performace" - Ken

Post-play - 
The singers at the tavern mutilating "Wannabe" by The Spice Girls...
yes, it is possible. 
	"Well, they've ruined everything else" - Cara
	"It's a sort of impromptu breathalyser - if you sing along,
you're too drunk to be served more alcohol" - Meg

And a good time was had by all....

Meg the Magpie (who is now handing over the job of AFPerth Meet
Reporter to someone else!)

[1] Gods Know What (I certainly don't - although I think we're up to
AFPerth 10.0
Meg, The Magpie... AFPlump, AFPetite, AFPerth...
afpiance to The Collective, afprelative to a fair whack of afp.
(and why *shouldn't* I have all the fun?)
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