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From: (JudithPER)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Cambridge, Massachusetts Meet
Date: 17 Jan 1999 16:27:02 GMT

Tracy from New Zealand has been in Boston, Massachusetts for several months, on
a business assignment.  She will be returning home in late January, so we
decided to meet for dinner before she leaves.  On Thursday, January 21, we will
meet at the Legal Seafood restaurant in Kendall Square in Cambridge.  We
thought: what about the other afpers in the Boston area?  Would anyone else
like to meet us at Legal's?  This will be a strictly informal meet, and
probably a bit sedate, since we're meeting for dinner ... but what about it? 
Please e-mail me directly by Wednesday, January 20th, so we have an idea how
many (if any) are coming.  My address is (no snide remarks
from all you anti-aol crew.) [1]


[1] Be gentle with me - this is my first meet, and heck - I'm organizing it!
(grins nervously).[2]

[2] And my first footnotes [3]

[3] Hope the tags are right.

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