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From: dicconf@Radix.Net (Richard Eney)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Washington, DC /MD/ VA meet
Date: 17 Jan 1999 22:58:36 -0500
Message-ID: <77ubhc$9qt$>

In article <>,
JudithPER <> wrote:
>Tracy from New Zealand has been in Boston, Massachusetts for several months, on
>a business assignment.  She will be returning home in late January, so we
>decided to meet for dinner before she leaves.
Good luck with the meet, Judith.  Have fun!

But before Tracy leaves she's doing a lightning trip to Washington DC, and
will be here over the weekend of Jan 30.  We're organizing a minimeet for
dinner Saturday night (unless plans change radically).  Please email Tamar
at <> to help us decide where to go (possibly not another
seafood restaurant so son), and find out who's likely to show up.

As in Boston, this will be strictly informal.

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