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Subject: Maryland Meet 4.0 [F]
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 05:32:15 GMT
Message-ID: <790psv$3ik$>

For me, the meet started at 4:15 when Cliff picked me up from my dorm.

We arrived at the resteraunt 90 minutes early.  Whoops.

So, we drove around and got back to the resteraunt a mere 25 minutes early in
time to meet Mary Susannah.

There was eating of appetizers, talking of the SCA, explaining fandom and filk
to Cliff, eating of real food, and eventually getting kicked out of the
resteraunt, whence we went to the IHOP.  (Well they didn't really kick us out,
just kept *looking* our way and clearing their throats . . . )

I'm really half dead caffeinated tired right now, so maybe someone else can do
the comprehensive meet report.  I'm just posting the quote file.

(and wouldn't you know, I cannot find where I put the slips of paper from the
fortune cookies, much fun was had with these . . . durn it!  I swear I had
them in my purse . . . Mary, did you end up taking them after all?)


Tracy:  There's too much cream.

Tamar:  Then there was the year we had the plague.

Marian: We'll stick our heads in the oven . . .

Tamar:  They'd already declared it a federal disaster area twice that week.

Waiter: We're trying to figure out how to warm up the milk. (Tamar ordered
warm milk at the IHOP.	Just warm milk.  Apparently, they weren't capable of
producing this easily . . . )

Tamar:  See Dick, I'm not the only one who cringes and clings to the door

Tamar:  And I kind of just lay there on the floor and vibrated.

Tracy:  I have a bad sense of smell!

Cliff:  My hand hasn't fallen off yet.

Tamar:  What are these things we're eating?
Mary:   Chocolate covered coffee beans.
Tamar:  Oh my god!

Tamar:  That was the year I discovered how warm a poncho could be.

Marian: Then the thermos started to melt.

Marian: Look! <pointing at the table in front of Mary>	Chocolate coated
things. Tamar:	And coated chocolate things.  <holding up her own largesse>
Tracy:	<holding hers> Things coated with chocolate coated with things coated
with chocolate mixed with things.

Cliff:  It is a hear attack waiting to happen.

Tamar:  Cheese coated in grease and deep fried with things.

Cliff:  It says two *big* scoops of ice cream.

Marian: My calculator has a screen saver.

Mary:   At this point, I'm not daring to take out the other package.

Tracy:  Six inches!
Marian: I thought it was nine.
Tamar:  No, you see the ruler they used was . . .

Cliff:  Well, you're a better man than me Richard.

Marian: I have velcro hair.

Mary:   Protect the innocent.  Just change the names around.

Dick:   That was a real floppy.
Tamar:  8 1/2 inch disks . . . they had to be, so they could hold 100k
Cliff:  I remember the movable disks first coming out.

Cliff:  They're not compatible.

Tamar:  I bet they had a dry mouth the next day.

Marian: Blood!  It does a body good.

Dick:   We don't normally act like this.

Tamar:  No wonder you've got afpthma.
(I think that pun was uncalled for, and still do . . . )

Mary:   It doesn't seem to be working.

At one point, we figured out the statistical percentages and ratios of number
of flavored syrups on the table.

This came out to 18.75% strawberry syrup, 18.75% butter pecan syrup, 25% old
fashioned syrup, 37.5% blueberry syrup.  We think there may be a trend forming

Okay, quote file done, someone else post some more interesting stuff, and cc
it to me since I don't get the group real easily . . .


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