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Seattle Lingerie Minimeet 1.0: Report

Subject: [F] Just a few pics from Seattle lingerie mini-meet 1.0
From: (Jacqueline Hookey)
Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 20:27:17 -0600
Message-ID: <>

Well the weekend in Seattle was great, much shopping was done and some
very nice food was eaten too...

glinda and I found mushroom brie - a cheese to drool over for mushroom
lovers, and for those non mushroom lovers we found Peach Stoli (yep we
took a pic of it!)  It really is great stuff...  <drool>

That's about it really - we ate lots of chocolate too, and found a hard
cover copy of Strata at "Twice sold tales" in Seattle, a book shop to
add to your travel plans if you ever make it to Seattle...  They have
cat bridges connecting all the book shelves and it's *brilliant* :)

There are just a few pics being added to my website from the meet,
including the great view from glinda's appartment that made me feel like
I was spending time in a tree house ;)
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Oh gods get outta my head - glinda/ookey (at the same time)


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