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Maryland 3.0: Report

From: Richard Eney <dicconf@Radix.Net>
Subject: [F] Third MD AFPmeet: A Report
Date: Sat, 14 Aug 1999 23:56:02 -0400
Message-ID: <>

The Impromptu Third (?) MD AFPmeet: A Report

Prompted by MarySusannah <>, actually, but on relatively
short notice.

Fred & Harry's Seafood was a perfect choice for a meet - good lighting,
good food (Curious Squid for starters, steak available), not _too_ pricey,
quiet enough to hear ourselves talk, alcohol available but not primarily a
bar.  We'll have to use it again!  Of course, finding it was a bit tricky
at first, since it's on a road which shall remain nameless because there's
no lbooyd street sign.  Fortunately I found a free parking space and
walked around until I found the restaurant, then moved the car to the free
parking lot. 

The meet was - shall we say, compact?  But definitely quorate.  Mary,
Martha, Penny, and Tamar.  The Gang of 3 1/2 geeked chocolate, PterryOBE,
CCDE, politics, history, religion, language... in fact, it sounded a lot
like being on afp. Complete with live-action smileys. 

Penny brought photos of CCDE including ccooke's dress, which wasn't as
fancy as I had thought from the text description but obviously took some
time and skill.  She also brought some 70%-cocoa solids chocolate (Lindt,
IIRC), which we had the chance to compare with the 53% Droste chocolate
and the percentage-unlabeled dark bittersweet Lindt I found locally.  The
locally-bought Lindt tasted about like the Droste but only claimed "21%
fat"; the ingredients were the same, so I assume that 20-22% fat (with
only the most basic ingredients) can be equated roughly with 53% cocoa
solids.  The 70% tasted a lot like Baker's Chocolate to me; the 53% tasted
like intensely chocolate candy.  Ah well, I'm a milk freak anyway.

To the tune of "Off We Go, Into The Wild Blue Yonder (Flying High, Into
the Blue)" we tried the CCCBs that MarySusannah brought, which seemed to
be coated with about 53% chocolate, but the beans added to the caffeine
content.  Still, the CCDriedCherries won the contest IMO.

Two copies of TSoD and CJ were present (I left Death's Domain home by
accident), and Penny discovered to her chagrin that she should have bought
TSoD after all, since it does have a self-annotated PterryOBE story in it.

Photos were taken all around and we went our separate ways, hopped up on
caffeine with flashbulb lights in our eyes.

We'll see the rest of you there next time, right?


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