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From: Meg Thornton <>
Subject: [F] BjornMeet Canberra 26th February, Meet Report
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 23:07:55 GMT

Okay, okay, here be the report.

Bjorn arrived in Canberra on Saturday afternoon, and paused at our
place just long enough to have a drink of orange juice, and to get a
bit of a rest before we all headed out to Sizzler.  

We arrived prior to everyone else, and got a decent table near the
drinks (all you can handle softdrink & water) and the salad bar, and
waited for the other folks to arrive while we helped ourselves to
pasta, salad, and various other bits & pieces.  Rachel and her partner
(whose name escapes me - sorry Rachel!) were the next to arrive,
however, due to my forgetfulness in failing to tell her how to
recognise any of us, they wandered right past us (note to self: next
time, take Ook).  Luckily, Steve was able to collect them from the
main reception area, and the meet was quorate.  It became even more so
a couple of minutes later, when Matt arrived.  

Dinner was enjoyed, amid minor comments about the fact that the steak
tended more toward blue rather than charcoal, among other things.

At the end of dinner, we adjourned to the Wig & Pen, where beverages
alcoholic were consumed, mainly by Bjorn (three of the remaining
persons not consuming alcohol through preference, and the other two by
reason of the effects it would have).  Discussion happened, photos
were taken, phone calls to Emma were made.  Rachel & partner left
early, and the rest of us headed off at about midnight.  

The meet ceased being quorate when we dropped Matt off at his home.
Bjorn got the 5 second tour of Canberra's worthwhile sights (two
parliament houses and a war memorial) and so to our various beds.

No quotes - I forgot the quotefile.  My oops.

Meg Thornton
Murphy's Law, 5th Corollary: Left to themselves, things tend to
go from bad to worse.

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