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Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Ashhurst (.nz) meet 14 October 2000
Date: 26 Aug 2000 16:36:13 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Well folks, I felt it was about time that we had another .nz meet

But this time, I think it's *your* turn to come to *me*. It'll probably 
end up cheaper for most people that way too. Buses, trains and 
planes are available from most parts of the country to Palmerston 
North, so cash in those fly-buys....

Anyway, Nic and I are planning to host a meet at home on 
Saturday 14 October.  Food will be provided, and given the amount afpers seem to (not) drink, I suspect more than enough booze 
will be in evidence, along with soft drinks and tea and coffee in 

There is also crash space for more people than we are likely to get 
though only beds for 5.

- -- Okay, so what's the plan? --

Well, dinner will be eaten (if the weather is good enough, we may 
break out the barbecue), drinks will be drunk, chat will be chatted 
and videos will doubtless be watched.

Pictures of CCDE and .uk/european afpers may well be displayed

If anyone feels like it, filk may even be committed.

On Sunday, we'll breakfast, then take things as they come -- the 
river is close by, there's some beautiful country within easy 
distance, PN has some pretensions to being a city, bikes and a 
canoe are sitting in the car-port for the energetic/adventurous and 
well, we'll just see what happens.

Note for John and Andrew -- not a paintbrush in sight, I promise.

- -- What to bring --

Yourselves and any interested parties

Any videos/music you'd care to share and musical instruments if 
you are so inclined

A contribution to dessert -- yes folks, chocolate again, plus 
breads/salad if you feel like it.

Sleeping bag if you are staying

Anything else that seems right and appropriate at the time

- -- How to get here --

By car

Ashhurst is 15km outside Palmerston North on the Napier side, 
mail me for directions at

By plane/bus/train

Come into Palmerston North, then phone my mobile to arrange 
collection and transport 

Again, mail me for the number.

In fact, mail me if you're in the least interested, so I can get an idea 
of numbers...

Hope to see several of you here


Joy Green  ph:+64 (0)21 296 1671
Author "Effective Training Tools" -- buy it at

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