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From: "Jeremy Huppatz" <>
Subject: [F] Sydney AFP Meet 4th Jan 2001 - last call for venue suggestions.
Message-ID: <BnO26.36410$>
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2000 21:36:33 GMT

Okay folks,

No-one has argued yet with the ideas set out below yet.

Thursday January 4th (Toni and Nadyne can both make it on that date)
Dinner Time (6:30pm for 7:00pm ??)
Somewhere not too far out of the city centre.

My suggestion for the Sackville Hotel in Rozelle stands as the current
nominee for venue [Nice counter meals - friendly staff - and a nice
selection of groggage.  Somewhat snazzier than the Mended Drum but -
what pub isn't?]

To get to Rozelle from the city, catch a 433 bus up through Glebe and
past Victoria Road.  Get off at Darling Street at the bus stop closest
to the Sackville.  You can also catch a 445 bus from Canterbury and
Petersham stations.

If anyone else has alternative suggestions for a venue, now's the

The only difference between between shadow and light
Is the fat bastard in the doorway!!!

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