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From: Meg Thornton <>
Subject: [F] AFPCanberra Meet, 7.00pm, 26 January 2001.
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 21:54:53 +1100

Hi all,

Having received at least *some* expressions of interest, I'm putting
forward a formal proposal for an afpCanberra meet to be held on the
26th January 2001, at 7.00pm, at the following location:

La Porchetta
Woden Plaza (Corinna St side, exterior)
Corinna St
Woden, ACT.

I'd greatly appreciate it if people could contact me beforehand, so
that I can tell whether or not I'm going to need to book (as a rule of
thumb, over 6 people is probably going to need booking for), so if
you're interested in showing up, please email.  Oh, and please mention
whether or not you smoke, since there's interior and exterior seating.

Directions for any out-of-towners interested in coming along:

via the Hume Highway:
When you get into Canberra, you'll be arriving along Northbourne
Avenue.  Keep going along Northbourne Avenue as far as you can go, and
once you pass Parliament House (the new one, not the old one) you'll
start seeing signs with directions for getting to Woden.  Basically,
it's all straight ahead until you see a whocking great roundabout,
where you'll want to turn right.  This will put you on Melrose Drive.

Drive along Melrose Drive until you see a sign on the left pointing to
Woden Plaza (or until you come to the intersection with Hindmarsh
Drive - six lanes wide).  You'll be turning left to get to Woden Plaza
either way.  The restaurant is on the side of the shopping centre
closest to a vast amount of parking.

via the Monaro Highway:
Just keep going along the Monaro Highway until you reach Hindmarsh
Drive (it's signposted), and turn toward Woden (which is also
signposted).  Keep driving down Hindmarsh Drive, and follow any one of
the signposts pointing toward Woden Plaza.  The restaurant is the
other side of the plaza to the cinema.

Hope to see you all there.

Meg Thornton.
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