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From: ruthi <>
Subject: [F] Israel insta-minimeet 2.0
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 01:40:51 +0200
Message-ID: <>

Getting drunk to celebrate starting school...

The night was dark and cool with a hint of rain in the air. 

I sat, IRCing innocently, as is my wont, [1] When my fellow Israeli and 
#afper, Tamara, told that she starts a new school year the next morning.
She wanted someone to raise a glass with her to celebrate the fact. 
After a cloggie politely declined, on grounds of not being able to get to 
Israel on time, I volunteered for the task. Geography is destiny.

A pub in Tel Aviv was chosen. A time was set.

Frost, and half past eleven at night. 

I arrived late, apologized to Tamara, and she reassured me that she had 
been late, too (though still arriving before me).  This happened at our 
first meet, also, so it may now be a Tradition.

I had sent an sms message to ccooke, who was at the Cambridge meet, 
Thus, I attended the Cambsmeet by sms. Since I was attending the 
Cambsmeet, the meets were united, and so, all the attendants at either
meet were attending both.  So Tamara explained to me, and I was happy 
to have so many and such fine afpers attending our mini insta-meet :o)

A penguin was produced, beer was drunk, potato wedges were consumed, and 
more alcohol was imbibed. Photographs from CCDE were looked at. 
We reminisced about CCDE, and talked of afpers we like. We only said nice 
things about you, because you're wonderful and we like you. Really. 
No gossip happened at all. [7a]

We also talked of art-history lectures, both as educational experiences 
and as wonderful opportunities for overworked students to catch up on 
their sleep. 
Other things may have been discussed, but I don't remember. It was all 
fun, anyway. Also Tamara got to try a TimTam - the chocolate covered 
biscuit of joy, to be nibbled at two opposite corners, and then used as a 
straw to drink your coffee (or other drink) through it, until it starts 
to melt, at which point it should be popped whole into the mouth. Then it 
melts and fills you with chocolatey happiness. In My Experience.
YMMV, etc.

Tamara is looking for a rich husband to pay her through art school, 
there's the tuition fees, and all the costs of materials, which she has 
been warned may come to twice the cost of tuition. Any Rich and single 
I think she'd accept a non-husband sponsor, too. 

When we'd had enough to drink but could still walk, we left the pub, and 
went to find Gat Rimon to go dancing. And we did! Tamara and I found the 
club thanks to Tamara's great and wonderful navigational skills, and 
thanks to the music playing loudly enough to be heard a street away.

There was disco, and friends, and great happiness, and fun, and dancing. 
More drinking happened, and some of it was water with no alcohol at all 
in it (!). Some of the dancing was done sitting down, as the floor was 
treacherous and wobbly at times.

But we persevered and had fun until four a.m. and the end of the party, 
which happened to coincide :o). There was rain raining, which does not 
happen often in Israel, and I *was* surprised, despite the hint given 
earlier. We caught a taxi which took us to our respective homes, and thus 
ended the meet.

Tamara is starting to study Graphic Design, which is now called Visual 
Communication, at the prestigious Bezalel academy of art and design in 
She is very talented, and she's a beautiful, cute-looking redhead. and I 
wish her the best of luck, tireless strength, and a very very rich 
sponsor. I also wish her 34 hours a day, so she'll have time to sleep 
with all the workload that is about to land on her.

[1] Well, as innocently as usual, okay?
[7a] this, is, in fact, a limited version of the truth.


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