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From: "Flesh-eating dragon" <>
Subject: [F][ANNOUNCE] Adelaide afparty draws near ...
Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 18:10:45 +0000 (UTC)


This is to remind people that the upcoming Adelaide meet is fast
approaching, and to invite anyone who would like to attend this
historic event.

The meet will be held on the first weekend in July (6-7), details on
the web at (which is
also the sign-up page).

Adelaide is a small city by world standards, and does not have the
critical mass of afpers needed to sustain a tradition of meets. This
will be the first meet held here, and it's only
happening because of the tenth anniversary celebrations, so for the
forseeable future it's also the last.

So far, seven people are signed up through the web, and there's myself,
and I have a handful of friends to invite. Attendees will receive email
updates as the date approaches. The room we've booked at the Brecknock
(pub) seats twenty, so there are plenty of spare seats.

I'd love to see one or two celebrity afpers along: people who
contribute to enough "[I]" threads that we recognise their power to
reason and/or their power to entertain. [1] After all, what is an
afpmeet but an opportunity to meet people you've read about? For a
while, Sockii intended to come along, but that's fallen through, so
maybe other afpers might consider a visit to Adelaide in about two
and a half months' time?

To reiterate, all the details are on the website, and new information
will be distributed by email as the meet approaches.

It's the only meet this city has ever had. Let's make it a good one.


[1] In my case, such qualities are overshadowed by my ability to get
    utterly carried away, usually by men in white coats...

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