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From: (flesh_eating_dragon)
Subject: Re: [F] Adelaide Afparty Report
Date: 7 Jul 2002 23:51:58 -0700
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Meet Report 

 Saturday 6 of July was a historic occasion. Not many people were there 
 to witness it (shame) but it was a historic occasion nonetheless. It 
 was the first official afpmeet ever to be held in the Festival State, 
 and as far as anyone knows also the last. Its purpose was to celebrate 
 the tenth anniversary of; in other words, it was an 

 Attendees were: 

   Adrian Morgan (that's me) 
   Roger Morgan (Dad) 
   Christine Sorensen (from Queensland) 
   Danny Sag 
   Chris Sloan 

 We met downstairs at the Brecknock, our meet pub, at a couple of 
 minutes past seven. After inquiring, we discovered that they did have 
 the upstairs private function room ready for us after all, which was 
 a pleasant surprise because I'd been told that we needed at least ten 
 people in order to use it. So we went upstairs to a table that was 
 already set for us. 

 The toys and chocolate came out, and I took a photograph of the toys 
 and chocolate posing together on the coffee bench underneath a wall 
 painting. This photo will be uploaded sometime, as will the one of us 
 all around the table with our food, no matter how embarrassing it is 
 (I have some concerns about it, but I'll upload it anyway after it's 
 developed and scanned). I showed people my photographs from the 
 Netherlands meet that I went to in Utrecht, February 2000 so they'd 
 know what to do. Most of us had a peek outside at the balcony 
 overlooking the streets of Adelaide. 

 Conversation covered Discworld plays, the Maskerade movie, media 
 attitudes to science fiction and fantasy, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, etc 
 (including my little rant about Zygons being all looks and no brains 
 as prompted by Roger's mention of Zygons as a favourite Doctor Who 
 monster), the distribution of Pratchett fans in Australia, first 
 Discworld books, favourite Discworld books, and just plain Discworld 
 books, Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, ingredients used by McDonalds, Terry 
 Pratchett's voice, publishing of novels esp. typesetting, music esp 
 public live performances (this was as we could feel the vibrations of 
 the band downstairs), food esp. seafood, worms and snakes, British 
 comedy incl. reception thereof in America, computer games incl. home 
 level design, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars movies, Harry Potter movie, 
 The Man Who Sued God, Billy Connolly, movies in general, cinema 
 facilities (including something I hadn't known, that the cinema 
 complex at Marion Shopping Centre [within walking distance of my home] 
 is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere), even more movies, special 
 effects, TV reception and aerials, Pay TV, absence of sufficient 
 Goodies episodes on video and how much of a shame this is in 
 conjunction with absence of Goodies reruns on Australian TV, 
 novelisations incl. the novel of "Yes Prime Minister" as an example of 
 how adaptations *should* be done, and Esperanto. 

 The atmosphere, service and food cannot in my opinion be faulted. The 
 gathering was very enjoyable and I think a definite success. I gave a 
 paperback copy of "Guards! Guards!" to the Brecknock staff as a token 
 of appreciation. 


 "Conversations are never logical" - Danny 

 End of Report 

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