Colm Buckley

Look, anyone who knows Colm will know that he couldn't possibly be the fourth man. For this to be the case, the lspace cabal would have to exist, and we all know it doesn't. But even if it did exist, Colm certainly wouldn't be in it. (Any suggestion that he has ever heard of Leo Breebaart, Robert Collier or Mike Knell is obviously totally fanciful). We hope that a certain post on afp on the 1st August 1996 should have cleared all this up.

Right, now that's out of the way ... Colm, who's in the Computer Science dept. of Trinity College Dublin, is one of the main builders of the lspace web: he's responsible for the ClareCraft pages. He's also directly responsible for the successful modern tradition of afp meets, as it was his suggestion for a get-together while he was visiting London that led to the Island Queen meet in March 1995. For a foreign resident, he's one of the most social afpers, having also attended the ClareCraft weekend and an Ealing meet.

Colm takes time out for a bite at Octocon '95

Other information
Date of birth:10th September 1971
Don't mention:Windows NT
Geek code: Version: 3.12
GCS d-@ s:+ a-- C++ UBLC++++ P+ L+++ E W++ N++ o+ K++ w O- M- V-- PS+!PE Y+ PGP++ t 5+++ X+ R+ tv- b+++ DI++ D+ G- e++>++++ h* r++ y++(*)

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