Mark Lowes

Mark Lowes is a regular on afp. He was a member of the Discworld Convention 1996 Committee and he alleges that this has left him with a deep and meaningful understanding of stress management. Any disinterested observer, however, will have realised that his nickname of The Flying Hamster is well deserved.

Now an ex-civil engineer gone for an upward move into tech support and aspiring to true bofh-hood, he was previously inducted into the secret order of the traffic cone.

For his sins Mark runs several mailing lists (including dwcon96, afpcon97, ...) and maintains a Tolkien site list for (what newsgroup was it again?). He is also now maintaining the demon.service faq and the web version of the recipe archives on Lspace.


Other information
Alias: The Flying Hamster
PGP: 768:B548F841 (1995/01/22)
Date of birth:13th January 1970
Sun sign:Capricorn
Belief in astrology:Capricorns are too sensible to believe such mumbo-jumbo
Don't mention:DW Convention Program

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