Orin Thomas

(Taken from his own words)

Orin tends to have a lot of ideas. The ones that have *worked* include taking on the FAQ and Bibliography, getting the group to take *R* and *I* seriously, banging his head against his desk when the group then spontaneously added *G*, *F*, *M*, *H*, hosting the on again off again trivia competition (Why bother? Helen Highwater always won!), hosting the Australian Lspace mirror and creating alt.books.pratchett. The ones that haven't worked include the trivia competition (a whole weekend a month to mark), an AFP IRC channel (complete lack of interest) and getting people to take him *less seriously*.

Picture: orin@lspace.org

Other information
Alias: With a name like Orin?
e-mail: orin@lspace.org
Date of birth:28th June 1974
Belief in astrology:Depends how long I am in the supermarket queue.
500Q:Embarassingly high

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