The delightful ppint. is one of the enigmas of afp. Although many have encountered this person (some even in ppint.'s native habitat of a Lancaster bookshop), none seem afterwards able to report coherently. This may be because ppint.'s major characteristics seem to be a loving for 70% chocolate, a predeliction for strong flavoured spirits such as garlic vodka, and e e cummings's attitude to capitalisation.

It should be noted that, as an independant bookseller specialising in SF&F books and games, ppint. is happy to service customers all over the world.

The last sight vouchsafed to many of ppint.'s victims.
Picture: Robert Collier

Other information
e-mail: ppint@i-m-t.demon.co.uk
Date of birth:25th December 1951
Sun sign:Capricorn
Belief in astrology:_far_ less than in the tooth fairy
Don't mention:uppercase letters

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