It is improbable that the Rogues' Gallery could be built without some errors or omissions. Please let me know - if you don't, it won't get fixed.

If you think you ought be in this gallery, then (assuming that you qualify for inclusion - alcohol or chocolate usually work), a picture will be required. In many cases, I will have one already, but if not, it should ideally not include too much scenery, it should be focused, and about 300 by 450 pixels. If in doubt, look at the existing ones.

Oh, I reserve the right to make my own descriptions if I don't like yours :-)

Here follows the information that I make use of, with examples - don't feel that you need to fill it all in. When you've done it, then send it to

Name: The name you should be listed under. e.g.

   Joe Schmuck

Description: This should be a general bit of waffle, if you don't want me to try to do it for you. You can put HTML codes in.

   Joe Schmuck is one of our American contingent. He's <em>rather</em> unusual,
   in that he has never actually heard of afp, and thus embodies the
   quintessence of lurkerdom.

   Joe Schmuck doesn't even know he's on the 'net, as this was a present from
   Mrs. Schmuck. She, pour soul, never actually dared tell him after she heard
   him pontificating about the dangers thereof.

Email: Any email addresses you don't mind listed. You don't have to.


Web address: The same applies for web addresses as for email addresses

Web address

Date of birth: Please avoid any 10-12-70 style listing, as I might guess wrong whether you use the UK or US style.

Date of Birth
   29th February 1920

Sunsign Some seem to want to know this ...


Belief in astrology There is occasional debate on afp as to the validity of astrology.

[Belief in astrology]
   Total. Schmuck believes everything he reads in the paper, including Your Stars

Don't mention We're into some of the more whimsical sections here.

Don't mention
   Commie pinko lefties

Purity What would a usenet newsgroup be without occasional excursions into threads about relative purity. (If you want to know more, contact LNR. I'll candidly admit that I don't know what some of these are.)

   afp   = 100%
   100Q  = 82%
   500Q  = 80%
   1500Q = 76%
   geek  = 100%
   Seuss = 97%
   DLAMS = 100%

PGP Some people use Pretty Good Privacy, and like their public keys to be known. If you are among their number, here's where it applies.

   512: 99994267 (1995/07/30)

Alias A section for nicknames, aliases and so forth.

   Joe the schmuck

Real name Your real name, if it's not already obvious and you want it known.

Real name
   Joseph M Schmuckson

Geek code Do you know what a geek code is? Do you have a geek code? Do you want the rest of us to know what it is? If so, this is the place.

Geek code
   Version: 3.12
   GCS d-(x) s+:+ a- C++(+++) UL++ P+ L++ E- W+(++) N++ K w$(--) M-- V- PS+
   PE Y+ PGP- t+ 5++ X+ R- tv(+) b+++ DI++ D+ G e++ h+ r-- y z+(-)

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