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Joe Musielak

Muse is one of the slightly more/less annoying of our Merkin members. Depending on if his mouth is open or shut. His main claim to fame has been that he lurked almost as long as Michelena before demonstrating his Merkinness by saying something stupid. Since then he has said many stupid things. He is known as one of the rare "white chocolate heretics" and is proud of it. His most fearsome weapons are his gallon bottle of lube and a very long rubber glove.


Muse gets laid back
Picture: Muse

Other information

Real name:

Joseph L. Musielak





Date of birth:

24th of July 1964

Sun sign:


Belief in astrology:

There's no call to go around believin' in them...it only encourages them.

Don't mention:

Long-haired-hippie-type-pinko-commie-fags....cause he's several of those.

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