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Lady Kayla

Lady Kayla, as she is best known, is one of the Australians participating on afp. Her dedication to the group made her one of the furthest travelled visitors to attend the 1996 Discworld Convention, and her energy coupled with her 4' 10" stature left a vague impression of a demented bumblebee.


Not as those at DiscCon remember the lady
Picture: Kayla

Other information

Real name:

Robina Hallam



Date of birth:

14th November 1965

Sun sign:


Belief in astrology:

Astrology? Nah, I'm a witch :)

Purity 100Q:


Purity 500Q:


Geek code:

Version: 3.1
GB/IT d-@>+ d---:>- a C++$ !U P L !E W+>++$ N++>$ !o K-?> w$ !O !M !VPS+>$ PE>$ !Y+ !PGP- t+@ 5++@ X++>$ R+>$ tv+@ b++++>$ DI++@ !D G@e>++$ h----@ r-(+++)@* x++++@

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