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Random Companion

Random maintains the afp quotefile (when she can actually be bothered/has the time), and tries to organise the occasional meet but they usually go wrong. She has a horrible habit of volunteering to do things even though she hasn't got enough time to do everything she's supposed to be doing now.

When Random ventures into the real world she can often be found at Pages Bar in Pimlico on Saturday nights, and the Fitzroy Tavern, Fitzrovia on the first Thurday of the month. Random thinks that there couldn't possibly be anywhere nicer than London in summer but in winter would rather be just about anywhere else.


Picture: random

Other information

Real name:

Wouldn't you like to know. :)



Date of birth:

Jan 4th 1977

Sun sign:


Belief in astrology:

It's all a bit wossname, innit. Vague.

Don't mention:

Gatwick Airport train station announcements.

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