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Alan Bellingham

An afper of some 2 years standing, Alan really ought to do something more about getting a life. Alas, his answer to this was to propose marriage on afp to Colette Reap, thereby causing the first dueling threads with Simon Callan. Something obviously went severely wrong with this stratagem, as this engagement has since become more serious, eventually resulting in the first afp wedding in December 1996.

He suffers the unusual distinction of working with another afper, Nick Bramwell and has therefore proposed stricter rules of what an afpmeet is in order to avoid being accused of continually being at one.

The Bellinghman at Ealing 1.0

Other information
Alias: The Bellinghman
The Chief Worshipper
Date of birth:3rd February 1960
Sun sign:Aquarius
Belief in astrology:Do I look that gullible?

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