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Claire Speed

In hushed tones, there are those that talk of Claire. Miss Whippy. She who must be obeyed. Perdita. When tales go round of the scariest person on afp, then Claire's name can never be far away.

Yes, dear reader, Claire is that most frightening of all entities - a sysadmin. Able to wreak havoc on the social lives of the entire University of Manchester student body with a single keypress ('Yes, Alice ... I will be your monkey of love'), she works hard on the essential BOFH 'make my day' attitude.

Even her trademark *&) smiley is known for having a shuriken embedded in its skull.

Perhaps it's a shame then that, beneath that hard exterior, there yet beats the heart of a sweet and innocent creature.

But then, Claire was hungry.

Claire proceeding to the DiscCon96 gala dinner.
Picture: Robert Collier (30-Jun-96)

Other information
Real name:Claire E Speed
Alias: Velocity Girl
She of the Ultimate Velocipede
Mrs D
Date of birth:1st February 1973
Sun sign:Aquarius
Belief in astrology:Load of rubbish
Geek code: Version: 3.12
GCS/ED d-- H++ s+: g- !p au-- !a w+ v++* C++++ ULS+ 3E+++ N+++ K+++ W--- V-- -po+ Y+ t++ 5++ !j R G+ tv b+++D-- B--- e+++ h--- f? r++ n+ z? pT++++

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