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Darrell Ottery

A close associate of the famous Mr. Fox, Darrell is currently based in Reading in England, where he has been known to host meets. Among other hobbies, he is understudying ppint. in concocting such strange alcoholic infusions as pineapple brandy and weird whiskey.

Darrell was also mug enough to be on the committee of the DWCon, and is likely to be still there for the next one in '98.

Yes, those are bobbles destined for the soup.
Picture: Robert Collier (29-Jun-96)

Other information
Alias: FluffyWuffy
Date of birth:10th December 1972
Sun sign:You know, the one with the bow
Belief in astrology:You're asking a complete cynic this?
Don't mention:Physicists. Marmite. Bjork. Coffee with milk in. Any chocolate that isn't at least 40% cocoa solids, and for preference >70%.

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