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Stephen Briggs

At this point, I feel like copying the cover blurb from the Discworld Companion, but that would be a little dry.

Initially, Stephen became associated with the Discworld through his amateur dramatics activity, being one of the first people to try to adapt one of the novels to the stage. These adaptations have become so successful that the scripts are now published in their own right. He is the Patrician (being the model for the ClareCraft sculpture thereof), and has even appeared on television in this role.

Proceeding from this, Stephen ended up becoming the merchandising king of afp with his range of T-shirts, scarves, ties and badges. No-one is quite sure how this came about, but there is a rumour that he wished to create an Unseen University scarf design, and threw it open to the general public to reduce the cost of his own copy. As a result, he has become the undisputed holder of the CMOT monicker.

He has also ended up producing (with Terry's agreement and help) the Discworld Companion, the map of Ankh-Morpork, and most recently at the time of writing, the Mappe of the Discworld.

Despite all of this, he's not given up his day job, which is something arcane to do with the whatever the British Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries calls itself these days.

Stephen as The Count

Other information
Alias: CMOT Dibbler
Date of birth:6th July 1951
Sun sign:Cancer
Belief in astrology:An Unbeliever!
afp:Unknown, but probably quite low

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