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Smynorca Detrevni

April 2000

Thread drift is a fact of life on How else could the focus of a discussion shift from offering advice on tagging to an exchange of smynorca detrevni?

Clue 1: Try reading the thread title backwards.

Clue 2: Ever played those word games where the first letter of each word spells out a totally new word?

Subject: [F] DEATH
From: Afphantom
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000

Tagging is Good... however, just sticking an [I] in front
of everything means that you may well miss that part of
your target audience that isn't interested in Irrelevant
threads - selling yourself somewhat short when this is
quite clearly not irrelevant! :-) This post talks of Fan
activity and - to quote myself... ;-)

"There's a [G] tag, seldom spotted,
Which is nonetheless allotted
To "Game" questions - have you got it?
Good - you've got one more than me!
And an [F] - for "Fan" - displayed here
Means herein lies strange behaviour
Of the folk for whom the Saviour
Of the World is Terry P."

From: Thorsten Brandt

Ghost, this was caring, relevant, affectionate & profound, just to
let you know :-)

From: Afphantom



I'll get you for that, you bastard! :-)

And let me just say that today you're
really full of sincere, hearfelt, informative

From: Thorsten Brandt

Boneless odourous lamento. Lame, offtopic, childish 'k3wL' sarcasm!

Subject: [I] A new species - '_Smynorca detrevni_'
From: Afphantom

Kid, it's supremely stupid misinformed yobbishness -
don't interrupt cleverness, know-it-all!

Your obvious unculturedness seems terribly irritating;
not clever, kid...

From: Herald

See here, excessive execrationists, please stop haranguing and gain
graceful expression resembling self.

(This is getting haikuesque)

From: Quantum Moth

All say sorry; help out less excessively sane!

From: Afphantom
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000

Interferer! Don't interrupt others' talk!

From: Eric Jarvis

may only the healthiest expressions rank first? usually critical
kinds earn respect similarly

somebody has unusual tastes in talk!

From: Afphantom

Practical implications still stay obviously far from you. Odious,
uninformed, inconsiderate nattering takes exceptional restraint; far
exceeding reasonable individuals' normal gestures! By unrepentant
sinning, you babble obsolete dialogue yobbishly.

Yes, our unbounded recidivism makes others take heed exceptionally
readily - by lending our weighty suggestions, great objectives achieve
terrific success!

From: Gideon Hallett

Sad. How useless the yobs' otiose ululations rate. For unusual
chiding, knowledge is necessary! Good flaming and chargrilling
endure until next clueless lamebrain entrance. Flame up, courageous
knowitalls; ever ready![1]

(*sigh*; if I was better at Engleesh, it would sound less like

[1] This post was brought to you by the letters T and P.

From: Afphantom

Excellent! A truly stupendous holding-forth! It takes a
necessarily decisive, dynamic individual's explanation of
how your own unworthiness under nominal incentive makes a
great idea not attainable. To illustrate; vital energies
bolster a standard tactic and redirect derision sideways
onto newer outpourings, fending arguments laterally.

Expert posts - reflecting opinions unilaterally shared -
will help our recent exigiencies, and neatly define how
exemplary relations promote improved moral peace by
rendering other tittle-tattle here entirely redundant.

From: Richard Bos

Your own unlimited clueful alphabetisms look like they have already
taken a forward look at masterly expression? We unanimously salute, sir!

From: Warwick

When I lately looked, your opinionated unusual style had undergone this

Hopefully, examining further, underlying clarity kindly unveiled. Perhaps
you only underlined furtively like any churchman, cracks in discussions.
Every xenophobic, clueless, unfriendly, statement ever founded on rude and
deadly insecure crap, Kate has elected as defendable.

From: Afphantom

Yet, over uninformed replies, our posts inject needed
information on neglected subjects and reassert
equilibrium. To help extricate inexplicably nonsensical
conversations or muttered protests, realise exactly how
each new starter is bringing laudable empathy.

Going insane by being exasperated? Regularly inflamed?
Newsfeed getting satirical?

Obviously, for a newbie, an unwelcoming time is sincerely
terrifying in case greater intelligences - by being overly
nasty - yank our uninformed recruit rather excessively,
past reasonable opinion, down unlit corridors to ignominy...

Vividly explained, each question unanswered is provoking
misery. Educating new tenants is strangely tense, having
a tendency overall for antagonism, nastiness and
distressing orneriness. Long explanations serve
conscientiously each new tenant with "ev'ry author
screaming ev'ry line," yelling over untutored rubbish!

Ending new threads in reactionary effluvium fails. A
minority ignorantly loves you raving endlessly; gullible
unfortunates liking a rant! Like yesterday, feelings
often run nearly incandescent, consternation attracting
terribly execrable sorts... With impressive tact however,
a sizeable selection of respected types ended debate.

Dumb, overrated mentalities expect systems to interact
consistently... life isn't viably explicable such that
onlookers can know all nuances - despite yearnings, our
untutored senses make every logic lessen.

Levity is King! Enjoy the hilarious enmities - jocular
or cynical - killfile stupidity, take rancour and post
on form anyway! Send your posts here if life is tense,
is chaotic, gets irritating, gloomy or lacklustre

Oh, we have overmany hams about...

Still - not to have a drama adds boredom ;-) A true
humourist is not that easily needled - your ego
always reigns supreme!

(Is *that* better, Richard? *grin*)

From: Richard Bos
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000

OTOH, have you ever seen the heinous and terrible wibbling inanities
losers leave dominating other fangroups? Our rambling newsgroup
obviously works.

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