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Locations and Extras

The following list includes non-specific Discworld movie casting suggestions as well as suggested movie locations.

A full list of suggestions for specific characters can be found on the The Ultimate Discworld Casting Page.

Submitting A New Suggestion

Discworld Locations


Magrat's Hut

The Shades

The Unseen University

Discworld Extras

A member of the Day Watch

A member of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night

A Nac Mac Feegle

A werewolf

An elf

An Igor


One of the Agony Aunts

One of the Criminal Daves

One of the Guild of Dogs

Patron of The Drum

Peasant who knows his rights

Plucky soldier who tries to do the right thing (T5E)

Three gloomy sisters (T5E)

The UU Faculty

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