: What Is AFP?

Gideon Hallett

If AFP was a millipede, it'd be dinner for the nearest bird.

Since about 40 legs would want to go in one direction, 35 legs would want to go in the other direction, 5 legs would declare that now is the ideal time to sit down and argue for a redefinition of the terms 'leg', 'walk', 'forward', 'existence', 'run' and 'blackbird', 5 legs would complain that no-one could agree what walking actually involved, 5 legs would say that they didn't understand, 8 legs would take the time to explain to them in great detail, 2 legs would be too busy kicking each other to go anywhere, 5 legs would be busy trying to hurry up everyones' movement and 5 legs would be trying to move that everyone else should march around in small circles to avoid falling off the edge of the world.

And the remaining 5 legs would find themselves wondering why any given millipede would have 115 legs, since it's an odd number, and everyone knows that millipedes have four legs per body segment.

(still, it's a laugh.)

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