: What Is AFP?


Sherilyn's perspective.

Unlike many afp posters, although I've been around afp at various times for the best part of a decade, I probably do so for different reasons than some of the other posters. In fact, one of my first postings on afp was a request for another newsgroup! For me, afp is a place where I go to read postings made by people who have read at least some of Terry Pratchett's books and appreciate their humor, and it's a newsgroup where I feel I can make postings that are a just a little off-beat, just a little opinionated.

I don't feel that one should subscribe to all of the foibles that encrust the culture of a longlived newsgroup, and this is sometimes expressed (always politely, I hope) in my postings. I regard a newsgroup as a common space in which there should be a presumption that behavior not obviously antithetical to the group interest should be allowed, and my interpretation of this presumption in the case of is rather more permissive than for other groups--because afpers are very diverse. Whilst I believe that top-posting and not trimming quotes are rather abominable practices, for instance, I think that the practice of flaming people for top-posting and not trimming is more abominable still. We should all use email more than we do. afp is one of the many delightful common spaces on USENET - one of the most delightful. Enjoy it, and always remember to try to put something back.

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