: What Is AFP?


Beginner's Guide to

  1. has been in existence since Thursday 30 January 1992.

  2. is a text-only non-moderated newsgroup on Usenet. Usenet and newsgroups is not the same as World Wide Web. World Wide Web is not the same as the Internet. Please read How do I Read and Post to AFP?.

  3. You don't have to like Terry Pratchett - famous author, OBE - to be here but it helps.

  4. is frequented by a large diverse group of people on the same planet.

  5. You don't have to like people to be here but it helps.

  6. Because has a lot of traffic, it helps if you follow a few guidelines when posting. This makes it easier for others to read and respond to your posts.

    1. Each post should have:

      • a subject line.

      • a Tag-indicator at the beginning of the subject line, e.g.

        [I] = Irrelevant to Terry Pratchett, or
        [R] = Relevant to Terry Pratchett.

        For the complete list, see The Subject Tags FAQ

    2. When replying to a previous post:

      • quote the text you are responding to above your reply, because the quoted text provides the context for the response.

      • If parts of the quoted text are not relevant to your response, please <snip> them out and indicate that you have done so.

      • make it clear who wrote what, by attributing quoted text to its author.

    3. For readability, please keep your posts to a maximum of 72 characters width.


      An easy way to do this is to type in a fixed-width font (e.g. Courier). Please do not use l33tsp34k or text-messaging conventions.

    4. If you use a signature for your posts, please keep it to a maximum of 4-line height.

    5. Discussions of recent books (or other works), by Terry Pratchett (or other authors), should include a spoiler warning followed by 20 blank lines before the start of discussion.

  7. You don't have to read the FAQs before you join the group, but it helps.

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