Discworld Convention Top Quality "Stuff"

So, you missed the biggest Discworld Gathering ever held? We have available a limited amount of StuffTM left over from the Convention. Ideal for Christmas or Birthday presents, these items are exclusive to the First Discworld Convention

The Discworld Convention Progress Reports

Price: 30p per issue.

Described as "the best small magazine not on sale" by a convention member and by Terry Pratchett as "well, I won't sue", The Ankh-Morpork Interesting Times is the official progress report of the Discworld Convention. There are five issues in print. Issues 1-4 and 6 are still availible and offer a pleasant mixture of articles, convention information and general silliness to help even the most serious of people relax. A collector's item in the making!! And on sale now!

The Discworld Convention "Librarian" T-shirt

Price: UKP11.99 each

Grey shirts now only available in XL, feature a full colour design by Graham Higgins. The design shows the Librarian enjoying a well earned rest and a quick game of Cripple Mr Onion in a hammock and holding a nice refreshing Banananana drink. The design is on one side of the shirts and features the text "The Discworld Convention" above the design and "1996" below it. Only 400 were produced featuring this design.

The Discworld Convention Coffee Mug

Price: UKP6.50 each

This exclusively designed Convention mug is a valuable addition to any household. Bernard Pearson, The Cunning Artificer, has designed the perfect coffee mug. It features the Convention's logo (Librarian in the hammock) and holds half a pint of coffee. Finished in a dark green glaze it sits majestically on any desk.


The Discworld Convention Leather Bookmark

Price: UKP1.50 each

The ideal bookmark for all your Pratchett books. This dark green leather bookmark features the Convention's logo in embossed gold and the text "Discworld Convention June 28th - 30th 1996". Each bookmark comes with a tastefully shredded bit at one end.

Please send a cheque, postal or international money order (in pounds sterling only) payable to "The Discworld Convention" along with your name, address and this advert to: The Discworld Convention, P O Box 3086, Colchester, CO2 7SF, UK.

POSTAGE RATES: UK - ukp2, EC - ukp3, Rest of the World - UKP3.75p.


Complete the form below and send it to:

The Discworld Convention,
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Send cheques, postal or international money orders in pounds sterling ONLY. Please don't send cash.

All prices are fully inclusive of postage and packing within the UK. Add an extra UKP1.00p for EC countries, UKP2.50 for the rest of the world.

Allow 28 days for delivery. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

Free gift with every order (while stocks last).
Orders over UKP60.00p: P&P FREE.

Also available: 6 of the exclusive "They'll never recognise me in this disguise" Pre-Convention T-shirts. B & W design of the Librarian inside an elephant costume. Only 150 were made after which the screens were destroyed. Price: UKP11.99p

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