The BursarHello out there! Nice to see you all again, and a big "hello!" to those who are new to all this Discworld Convention lark. Oh, by the way, I like what you've done with the wallpaper - very tasteful. Yes, just the right shade of purple. Anyway, to business: the Discworld Convention 1998 is less than eighteen months away, so it's time we told you what to expect. I know it seems like an eternity to wait, but believe me, September 1998 and the premier Discworld event will soon be looming larger than life.

This is the first issue of the Discworld Chronicle, the new magazine of the Discworld Convention. It contains Convention news and information, and Discworld-related news, reviews and entertainment. Each issue will feature important information about, and booking forms for, the Convention's many events.

Following the first Discworld Convention many of you wrote and told us that you liked the Ankh-Morpork Interesting Times so much that you thought it should continue to be published. Issue Six of the Ankh-Morpork Interesting Times was, I'm afraid, the last publication of the Discworld Convention 1996. One or two copies are still available, so if you haven't received it, send a couple of second class stamps and a self-addressed envelope to the Convention's address and, while stocks last, we will send you an A-MIT.

But, from now on, the Discworld Chronicle will be providing all that the discerning fan could want in a magazine until the Convention in 1998. After that? Well, we'll just have to wait and see...

Even if you will not be attending the Convention, the Discworld Chronicle is a valuable source of regular information and entertainment. It will be published every three or four months to keep you fully informed and, as we draw nearer to the event, let you know what spectacular items are planned.

So enjoy the magazine, and let us know what you think. If there is anything you would like to see at the Convention or in the magazine, drop us a line and we will endeavour to provide whatever it is to the best of our abilities.

We already have an exciting stock of new ideas for the programme, as well as some old favourites. As always, the Convention wants you to get involved, so if you can assist in any way, whether at the event or before, please drop us a line.

Paul A Rood

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